Neil Degrasse Tyson Says “We’re Not Likely Alone In The Universe”

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One of the most important scientists on Earth— Neil deGrasse Tyson—has spoken out about alien life saying that We are most likely NOT ALONE in the universe and that Aliens likely do exist.

The well-respected astrophysicist believes that the chance of us being the only living organisms in the universe is extremely small and that the necessary ingredients for life as we know it are extremely common all over the universe.

Speaking on C-SPAN’s In Depth deGrasse said that like as we know it isn’t as unique as we thought.

He continued: “We are not likely alone in the universe if you look at how common the ingredients of life is.”

“Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon; we’re made of this stuff, it’s the foundations of organic chemistry, carbon-based life. This stuff is everywhere we look in the universe.

“Whatever happened on Earth, it’s not likely to be rare or unique. Because of carbon chemistry, on which life is based, is the most fertile kind of chemistry there is. And carbon is abundant across the universe.”

Totally right!

However, the well-respected astrophysicist said that he doesn’t believe we’ll find advanced super aliens with spaceships flying around but rather microorganisms.

“The universe has been around 14 billion years – plenty of time to evolve all manners of creatures out there, particularly microorganisms. We have no reason to not think of microorganisms as aliens. They don’t need to have built a spaceship, they’re just alien life on another planet,” explained Dr. deGrasse.

The astrophysicist also made it very clear that he does not believe any testimonies which suggest that aliens have visited, or continue visiting our planet.
Dr. Tyson added:
“What the UFO community puts forth as evidence is weak on a level that, in any scientific circle, would be kicked out of the lab room.”
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