Here Is What Happens When You Dissolve An Antacid On The International Space Station

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If you drop an antacid into water here on Earth, you will get yourself a glass of fizzy water. And if you do the same thing up on the ISS, and you’ve just made yourself a cool disco ball. International Space Station crew member Terry Virts made this awesome video showing just what happens when an antacid pill is dissolved into a moving clump of water up on the ISS. The demonstration is not just to display the bizarre fluid dynamics that you can see on the ISS, even though those are definitely on display here, it’s also about the hardware used to capture it.  In the ISS resupply mission previously this year, one of the new objects brought aboard was an extremely high-resolution camera, capable of shooting videos in up to 6K. This was a test run for the new camera, and the detail is remarkably sharp—you can see all the bubbles as they shoot away from the water they were dissolved. NASA is planning to use this new camera to transmission videos from the ISS. Watch this awesome video below:

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