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Some people say that this is the best science fiction movie of the day - and rightly so. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is a movie that takes place at a not so good time on Earth, where the planet is being devastated by plagues on all plantations. Without apparent solution, foods tend to end in a short time and the only solution is to find another home in the universe. Entering deep space, four astronauts embark on the mission to find a new planet for humanity.

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This is, without a doubt, a movie closer to reality. Following real premises of physics, we separate some interesting and scientific facts about Interstellar.

1 - Can be used in universities

It was invested so much in the representation of the Gargantua, the black hole shown in the film, that the images can be used in universities. It is no wonder that the film was inspired and had the help of the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne.

2 - That is not a simple wave

Remember the scene that a "wave" approaches the astronauts on the planet of Miller? Well, the mountain of water on the planet is constant. It turns out that the gravitational pull of the black hole stretches the planet so much that it forms that abundance of water. This is also probably why the planet is so shallow and the astronauts can walk, after all, much of the water is concentrated in the "mountain".

3 - Every second, one day

Still on this planet, the soundtrack brings a constant ticking, before the mountain of water appears. The film is so cool that every touch of that lasts 1.25 seconds and represents a whole day on Earth. After all, in case you do not remember, every hour on this planet is equivalent to 7 years on Earth.

4 - Using the least amount of graphic computing


The director was so keen on doing something close to reality, that there are very few green background scenes using computer graphics. The scene of the storm was made by placing a camera in the beak of an airplane that actually flew into a storm to make the scene as real as possible.

5 - Dust storms on Earth are also "real"


The real between quotation marks mean that while it was not created on computer, the production team led giant fans that actually recreate a mini dust storm.

Did you see? Interstellar is the proof of how fiction might not be so fictional. As some people would say: Interstellar, 3 hours of film with taste of want more. If you have not yet seen, do not waste time.
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Interstellar Movie

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